First Post

Every now and then Cricket and I share stories and thoughts on Facebook about issues involving the LGBT community.   We also talk a lot about politics, domestic violence, poverty, health insurance and overall issues that affect the little people of the world.   Yesterday after a lengthy discussion about an article about the passage of VAWA published by CBS News that he had sent me via text,  he made an interesting suggestion: “You know Mom, we should write a blog together”.

Sometimes it’s hard to post things to Facebook of a political nature because our family and friends are so widespread in their political and religious views.  We don’t want to cause strife in the family, but we both feel we have a lot to share and a lot of things to say about what is going on in the world around us.

We both lead very busy and active lives, we both have careers we love, we both have family and friends that we love and cherish and we both see events and happenings that are unjust, unfair and plain old cruel that we want to talk about.

So here we are, our little corner of the web where we plan to post things we find of interest and our own personal opinions on issues affecting our world.



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