Holidays are coming… UGH…

Alright… here’s the deal.  Family.  Gotta love’em, am i right?!  But there is always a Debbie downer in the family.  One that messes up the parade.  The one who steals the wind from the sails (cliche’s, i hate’em)… the bastard (it’s family so we love them) that makes things go awry.  Well… I have one.  It sucks.  I dream of a thanksgiving where the whole family (extended included) sit around and joke about the old times with no hesitation.  Talk about the good times and the bad.  (hopefully more good than bad…no one wants a pitty party)   No hurt feelings.  

But that is a fools dream.  Instead we live in a world that try’s to impress.  Even with family we try to “one-up” the other.  Well guess what?!  I could care less.  By all means have lots of money.  Tell everyone you have lots of money.  But please make sure you have a will… or some estate planning documents… (that’s my profession talking) . The government shouldn’t get all your hard earned dollars.  

I say it all the time… YOU HAVE ONE LIFE… make the most of it.  (I wish I was brave enough to do this)

At some point you have to say enough is enough… “GET OVER IT”.  But it’s hard to say to family.  So I take a pledge… be honest.  You have to say what you mean, don’t let it pass you by.

And boy-oh-boy… i love Halloween customs!!