I see a lot of hurt people.  People hurt physically, emotionally, financially.   So much strife in the world, to the point that I don’t watch news on TV and only read the local paper looking for the names of the bad guys I deal with day in and day out.

It’s easy to ignore outside strife.  If it’s out there and I’m not paying attention to it I can easily not pay attention to it.   If someone tries to shove it in my face on Facebook I can stop following them (and I’ve done that before with some politically extreme friends).   But when it’s in your own home or in your family, it’s kind of hard to ignore and even harder when there’s not a thing you can do fix it.

Most of the time I’m pretty much in control of what happens in my life.   My life is what I make it, my emotions are my own and I am pretty good at not letting others push buttons that will generate an extreme reactions.  I think I’m pretty good about owning up to my faults and mistakes, and I have made some doozies.  I’m really good at forgetting the past and letting things go.  I pick my battles and try to stay out of stuff that is none of my business (though I may have an opinion or two if asked).    I’ve kept my mouth shut when unwarranted blame has been put upon me and try really hard not to go on the

I think so much of the strife we encounter is caused by people simply not accepting responsibility for their own actions.   I see that day in and day out.   Someone does something bad to someone and blames it on the victim.

If she had only kept her mouth shut I wouldn’t have had to hit her! She disrespected me!

Really?   I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that one along with, “It’s her fault I went to jail, she called the police”.   I tend to look at the talker with an incredulous look on my face and walk away.   People that refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, who claim that they are the victims, are generally way too self-centered to realize just how idiotic they sound.

Unfortunately when it’s happening in your own family it’s almost impossible to walk away and forget it.   It’s always there because the family members are always there.  There is no strife in my life, I tend to walk away from the drama queens and emotional vampires that sneak their way in sometimes.  There is a tremendous amount of strife in some of my family member’s lives and that hurts.    I’m so sad.   I wish there was a way to fix it.  I wish some people would accept responsibility for their actions and show true contrition.  I wish some would just be honest with themselves instead of putting the blame on others.  I wish that some would just “man up” (what a horribly sexist thing to say!).