About Motherbink

We are a mother, daughter, son team advocating equality and justice for members of the LGBT and Alternative  and straight lifestyle communities

About Motherbink:

For most of my life I lived in an upper middle class bubble.  Four years ago I stepped outside of that bubble and discovered a world that I had only heard about.   Today I work as an advocate for victims of domestic violence, I see the poverty, the violence, the despair and the injustice of the justice system.  I’ve moved from a right wing political view to a much more moderate/liberal view of the world.

I am blessed with three wonderful children that are intelligent, well adjusted and self sufficient.  My youngest son is gay, and through his experiences and thoughts and those of his friends, I have come to understand and appreciate the LGBT and alternative lifestyle community’s struggle for equality in a world riddled with prejudice.   I have stepped out of my bubble into a world that I believe can change by changing the minds of the ignorant, one at a time.


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