About Cricket

We are a mother, daughter, son team advocating equality and justice for members of the LGBT and Alternative  and straight lifestyle communities

About Cricket:

Every so often asked myself “who am I?”.  Easy enough question, right?  Well, no, it isn’t always.  In the past I have struggled with the answer and now-a-days I seem to think I know exactly who I am.  But one thing I have learned is that the answer can change quite often and very unexpectedly.  This blog is a place where I’ll share my opinions; opinions that have changed and reshaped over time.  In fact, I am almost certain they will continue to change even now.  I know that there are life experiences that I have yet to encounter and inevitably I will reform my opinions once again.

So… who am I?  I am an opened minded homosexual living in a world that isn’t fair.  All of these things I know are true.   And I know because for as hard as I have tried to change them, I can’t.  For those who think homosexuality is a choice, you’re clearly not a homosexual.  From the color of my eyes to my “gay voice”, I can say I hadn’t the choice.  It’s just who I am.  My open mindedness has come from the fact that life isn’t fair.  I’ll be judged every time I speak.  I’ll be condemned by people who don’t know me, yet love me.  And I will live in a world where majorities rule even when they are wrong.  So yes, I know who I am.  But I believe that as ignorance dwindles, who I am will change.  May be one day I can just be that really great guy who lives in that really great world.



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